Tourist beach under development in Hulhumale'

From the agreement signing between Urbanco and Tourism Ministry to develop a tourist beach in Hulhumale'. (Sun photo / Mohamed Shaaniu)

The Ministry of Tourism and Urbanco on Tuesday signed an agreement to develop a tourist beach in Hulhumale.

While the Managing Director of Urbanco Ahmed Athif signed on behalf of the company, and the Permanent Secretary Fathimath Nilfa signed from the ministry. 

Speaking at the new conference held after the signing ceremony, the Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoon noted that even now, the tourism industry was being developed in a manner that avoids any collisions between locals and guests. 

He said that technical teams from both the ministry and Urbanco were involved in designing the beach. 

Also speaking with the press, Athif said that this project is aimed at resolving the complaints from many. 

“It is a complaint from the tourism sector, especially from the guesthouses and safari boats in Hulhumale’ for there to be a dedicated area. So, in reference to that, along with discussions we held with the ministry and stakeholders, now an area has been cleared and the work is ongoing,” explained Athif. 

This beach will be developed in phase one, behind the water theme park and MTCC bus stop. 

Urbanco stated that this region was chosen as it was a bit far from the area frequented by locals, and so would not be of any hindrance to both parties. 

By the end of the project, facilities guests would need including open showers and toilet blocks would be there. As per the company, this was to ensure guests can spend maximum amount of time on the beach. 

Detailing further plans, Athif detailed that those operating the commercial kiosks in the beach would be mandated with the cleaning and upkeep of the area. 

Commenting on the project, an official from the National Hotels and Guesthouse Association said that this would lead to increasing the number of long term guests, and would be a positive impact on the economy of Maldives.