MACL partners with police to launch road safety awareness program

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has launched a Road Safety Awareness Program in collaboration with the Maldives Police Service, in a bid towards reinforcing safety on the roads,

The inauguration ceremony, held Sunday at Hulhule’, was officiated by MACL’s Deputy Managing Director Ibrahim Thoha, and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Abdul Rahman.

The program has been described by MACL as “a new chapter in MACL's commitment to fostering a safe environment within and around the airport premises.”

The Maldives Police Service's Road Safety Awareness and Prevention section is instrumental in planning, directing, coordinating, controlling, and enforcing land transport laws and requirements.

Through the partnership with MACL, the agency aims to strengthen its relationship with the public and spread safety awareness nationwide.

MACL's Safety, Security and Compliance Department has lined up a series of activities throughout the year under the newly inaugurated Road Safety Awareness Program. The initiative will include targeted awareness sessions for senior management, general employees, and drivers.

In his address at the inauguration, MACL’s DMD Thoha underscored the importance of rule adherence and speed limit observance. He urged everyone to exercise caution, noting the frequent traffic of large buses and vehicles in Hulhule’.

Likewise, the ACP Abdul Rahman encouraged staff to remain vigilant to potential risk factors and to report any safety concerns to the relevant authorities promptly.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with an informative awareness session for the senior management of MACL.

MACL said the program marks a firm commitment towards creating a safer environment for all staff and visitors at Velana International Airport.