WAMCO customers told to update info by April 13

Utility bills. (File Photo/Sun)

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has asked customers to update their information before the end of April 13, following the decision to merge WAMCO’s fee with State Electric Company (STELCO)’s electricity bill.

The decision to merge the bills followed issues with lack of regular payments to WAMCO for its waste collection services.

Statistics show that out of 53,690 households in Male’ that receive waste collection services from WAMCO, only around 20,000 households make regular payments.

WAMCO’s free was merged with STELCO’s electricity bill on April 1.

WAMCO had previously instructed customers to update their information by April 7, but has now extended the deadline to April 13.

General households with lift or maintenance meters that are not part of the household have been asked to submit a utility meter exclusion form, while customers in commercial residential complexes and flats have been asked to submit primary meter identification and grouping form.

Meanwhile, businesses and institutions have been asked to submit information update form.

WAMCO warned that businesses and institutions that fail to submit the information update form by the deadline will have waste collection service cut starting May.

The corporation advised all customers, including households, to submit the forms by the deadline.

With the change, WAMCO will collect waste from all households in the greater Male’ area, even those unregistered. However, this does not include bulky waste.