Over 16,000 seek Vilimale’ bus service since enforcing fare

Electric bus in VIlimale' by MTCC on January 20, 2023. (Photo/MTCC)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), on Friday, stated that 16,000 people sought Raajje Transport Link (RTL) bus service operated by the company in Vilimale’ during two weeks that have passed since they began charging the fare.

RTL bus service in Vilimale’ was launched on January 20, and was free for the first two weeks. MTCC began charging the bus fare from customers on February 3rd.  The bus fare is MVR 5.

Statistics shared with Sun by MTCC show that 16,537 people sought the bus service between February 3rd and last Wednesday.

Daily Statistics

  • February 3rd – 1,280 people
  • February 4th – 1,162 people
  • February 5th – 1,649 people
  • February 6th – 998 people
  • February 7th – 1,675 people
  • February 8th – 1,557 people
  • February 9th – 1,378 people
  • February 10th – 1,267 people
  • February 11th – 1,304 people
  • February 12th – 1,583 people
  • February 13th – 1,450 people
  • February 14th – 1,234 people

A total of 26,172 people sought bus service during the two weeks the service was free.

The bus service will remain people for people above the age of 65, children under the age of three, and people with disabilities.

MTCC is using six electric buses for its bus service in Vilimale’. With 11 seats and space for four more people to travel on the bus standing up, the buses accommodate 15 people.

The RTL Vilimale’ bus service is available 24/7.