Human bones found on Hulhumale’ beach

People drive along Fithuroanu Magu in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Human remains were found on the beach area at the back of the Redbull Park in Hulhumale’ on Tuesday, prompting an investigation by the police.

According to a police spokesperson, human bones were found on the beach at approximately 05:38 pm Tuesday.

Police have collected the bones and are conducting necessary enquiries, said the spokesperson.

The latest incident comes as police conduct DNA analysis on a dead body was found floating in the waters to the north west of the Vemparu lagoon at around 09:03 am on January 2.

The body was severely bloated, making identification difficult.


The sighting of the dead body had come as the police looked for two people who were reported missing after departing from Vilimale’ on a fuel supply boat on December 28; Mohamed Nizam, 45, Manaaru, GDh. Thinadhoo; and Mohamed Liton, 35, Bangladesh. The boat was found adrift off Hulhule’ the next day.

Nizam was later found in a guesthouse in Male’ City, and arrested for murder on January 3. While police confirm he is the suspect in a murder, they refuse to make an official comment regarding the specifics – including his victim.

However, a top police official provided unofficial confirmation that Nizam is suspected of killing Liton – who was reported missing with him. Police are also reportedly operating under the assumption that the dead body found in V. Atoll could be Liton’s.