Fiyoaree School switches to two sessions in wake of fire

GDh. Fiyoaree School following a fire on January 8, 2023. (Photo/Fiyoaree Fenaka Station Manager)

Classes at the GDh. Fiyoaree School has been switched to two sessions due to damages sustained in the massive fire Sunday, according to the school’s management.

The fire broke out at the Fiyoaree School at around 05:00 pm Sunday. The fire, which originated from the school’s old hall, quickly spread to the entire building – which also housed the four classrooms, including the SEN classroom. However, the school’s new building was not affected.

The school’s in-charge, Mohamed Iqbal told Sun on Monday that the school was suffering shortage of space due to the damages.

The school, which has 165 students, previously held classes in one session.

However, classes will now be held in two sessions starting Tuesday, he said.

The fire appears to have originated from a switch board in the old building, according to the local station manager for Fenaka.

The fire did not result in any injuries.