Death of mugging victim: Two arrested, remanded for 45 days

Adnan Hussain, 75, Daisy, Th. Omadhoo.

Police have arrested two suspects in connection to the mugging of an elderly man who later died after collapsing at the police station where he went to report the crime.

Adnan Hussain, 75, Daisy, Th. Omadhoo, was mugged in a street in Male’ City on Tuesday morning.

According to his family, Adnan was attacked by multiple muggers, who stole his money after snatching his wallet.

He went to report the crime to the Maafannu Police Station located near the West Park.

However, he had collapsed before he could fully explain the incident, and was rushed to Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

He died in the hospital.

A police spokesperson said two suspects were arrested in connection to the mugging under court order Wednesday night; a 34-year-old male and a 40-year-old male.

The Criminal Court remanded them in custody of the police for 45 days.

Adnan had recently undergone heart surgery, and had been in Male’ visiting family.