Elderly mugging victim dies after collapsing at police station

Adnan Hussain, 75, Daisy, Th. Omadhoo.

An elderly man died on Tuesday, shortly after collapsing at the police station where he went to report a mugging.

Adnan Hussain, 75, Daisy, Th. Omadhoo, was mugged on Tuesday morning.

A family member told Sun that Adnan had been visiting Male’ City.

He was attacked by multiple muggers, who snatched his wallet and stole the cash inside the wallet.

Adnan, who had lived a simple life, recently underwent heart surgery.

The family member who spoke to Sun said he had been doing better post-surgery.

Immediately after the mugging, Adnan went to report the crime to the Maafannu Police Station located near the West Park.

However, he had collapsed before he could fully explain the incident, and was rushed to Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

The police declined to disclose any details regarding the case other than to confirm that an elderly person who went to a police station to report a crime was taken to IGMH with the assistance of police.

He died in the hospital.

Police have yet to make any arrests in connection to the mugging.