Arabiyya School principal dismissed, Iskandar School principal appointed in place

Iskandar School's principal Hussain Saeed.

Arabiyya School’s Principal Mohamed Shujau Abdul Raheem was dismissed from the post on Sunday, with Iskandar School’s Principal Hussain Saeed being appointed Acting-Principal.

A tweet by an account under the name ‘Arabiyya Family’ read that Shujau was dismissed from the post, claiming he had not countered ‘Save Arabiyya’ campaign initiated by the parents of Arabiyya School.

Speaking regarding the matter, Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali told Sun the change was part of a strategic plan by the Education Ministry to improve the administrative operations of Arabiyya School.

“In consideration of the circumstances at a time, the Ministry has always made such changes in atolls and within Male’, to improve the operations of schools,” he added.

Ahmed Ali also stated that the Education Ministry was unaware of the campaign by the parents of Arabiyya School, ‘Save Arabiyya’.

“We will not consider such a thing when making a change to improve the administrative operations of a school right,” he added.

Ahmed Ali said that Arabiyya’s exiting principal Mohamed Shujau Abdul Raheem will now be working under a department of Education Ministry. However, he did not specify which department.

Hussain Saeed has been serving as the principal of Iskandar School for 12 years. It is unclear at the moment whether he was dismissed from his post at Iskandar School at the time of his appointment as Arabiyya School’s Acting-Principal.  

Parents of Arabiyya School students had protested multiple times, over the large cracks in the school building raising questions as to the structural integrity of the building and students’ safety, and the failure to convert the school into a single-session school.