Youth dies after drowning while snorkeling at Ungoofaaru

R. Ungoofaaru.

A youth who went snorkeling at R. Ungoofaru has passed away after drowning.

Police said that the incident was reported to authorities on Monday evening.

The drowning victim who went snorkeling at a shallow sea area between Ungoofaaru and an inhabited island Ungulu was identified as Ali Mimraah, 25, Aabin, Ungoofaaru.

Police said that Ungoofaaru Hospital had informed them Mimrah was already dead when he was taken to the hospital.

They also noted that the case is under further investigation.

Ungoofaaru Council President Abdulla Rasheed told Sun that the drowning victim, Mimrah, often goes noodling for fish and octopus. He also said that Mimrah was a notably good football player.