Health Minister calls for greater inter-agency collaboration to arrest drug kingpins

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem speaks at the closing of the first drug rehab program and certificate course in electrical wiring for inmates in Maafushi Prison on August 23, 2022. (Photo/Maldives Correctional Service)

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem on Tuesday urged all relevant authorities to work together to arrest drug kingpins.

He made the appeal while speaking at the ceremony in Maafushi Prison to mark the closing of the first prison-based drug rehab program by Maldives Correctional Service.

Speaking at the ceremony, Naseem described drugs as the greatest plague facing Maldives.

He said that drug addiction will continue for as long as drugs continue to get trafficked into Maldives.

Naseem said authorities must therefore work honestly and with dedication to solve the issue.

“I appeal to all relevant authorities to work honestly to arrest the kingpins,” he said.

MCS launched the drug rehabilitation program in February 2022 to provide detoxification and substance abuse treatment, training, and vocational education to drug offenders.

During Tuesday’s ceremony, 32 inmates who completed the program were presented with certificates.