Health Minister: High risk of HIV infection in Maldives

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem speaks at the World AIDs Day function in GA. Vilingili on December 9, 2022. (Photo/Health Ministry)

Though HIV patients are few in number in Maldives, research shows the risk of more people getting infected with HIV is high, states Health Minister Ahmed Naseem.

He made the comment during a function in GA. Vilingili on Friday to mark World AIDs Day.

The function saw the launch of national strategic plan on HIV, hepatitis and STIs. The plan was launched by President’s Office’s Special Advisor on Social Policies, Dr. Mustafa Luthfee.

Speaking at the function, Naseem said there is high risk of HIV infections in Maldives.

“Though HIV cases are few in number in Maldives, research conducted in Maldives show factors that indicate high risk of a lot of people getting infected with HIV. Maldives is also seeing cases of diseases that spread similar to HIV,” he said.

Naseem said the government will engage in efforts to diagnose and facilitate treatment for people who get infected with such diseases.

Statistics released by Health Protection Agency (HPA) in December show there are 22 Maldivian AIDs patients.

Maldives confirmed its first AIDs case in 1991. As of December 31, 2021, there for 39 confirmed cases AIDs among Maldivians; 33 men and six women. 15 of them have since died.

Health Ministry states the main purpose of observing World AIDs Day is to protect the Maldivian community from HIV, raise awareness, and help refrain from risk factors.