Investors sought to develop airports in six islands

B. Thulhaadhoo. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The government is seeking investors interested in developing domestic airports in six islands.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Planning Ministry invited potential investors to submit expression of interest to develop domestic airports in six islands under Regulation on Lease of Island, Land or Lagoon for Tourism as Cross Subsidy.

The minimum investment requirement is USD 3 million.

According to Planning Ministry, the investment cost will be deducted from the acquisition cost and lease for the island, land or lagoon which will be issued in exchange for the investment.

Planning Ministry instructs prospective investors to write the name of the island where they are interested in building the airport.

The airport development projects will be carried out in:

  • HDh. Makunudhoo: USD 23.3 million
  • Sh. Bilehfahi: USD 23.6 million
  • B. Thulhaadhoo: USD 21.9 million
  • Th. Vilufushi: USD 33.3 million
  • F. Magoodhoo: USD 8.2 million
  • Southern R. Atoll: USD 23.6 million

It marks the third time for Planning Ministry to post an announcement seeking investors for the projects.