Two injured in violent altercation at Male’ City

Street covered with blood from a person injured in a violent altercation. (Sun File Photo)

Two people have been injured in a violent altercation that took place in Male’ City on Monday night.

The altercation unfolded at Hithahfinivaa Magu in Henveiru district.

Sun has learned that wooden and metal sticks were used during the altercation.

A bystander who saw the incident told Sun that both injured persons in the altercation had sustained wounds to the head, severely bleeding as a result. The bystander described their faces and clothes to have been covered in blood.

A Police Spokesperson said that a violent altercation in Male’ City was reported to authorities at approximately 9:12pm tonight.

“Two injured in the violent altercation have now been transported to ADK Hospital,” the Spokesperson added.

Although no arrests have been made regarding the case yet, police are investigating the matter further.