HRCM urges against leaking explicit videos, advices to file case with police instead

HRCM members. (Photo/HRCM)

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has urged against the leak of explicit videos on social media – advising to file case with the police instead.

In a statement released regarding the matter, the human rights watchdog in the Maldives said that they are calling on individuals coming into possession of such videos or being informed regarding such matters to share the information with authorities having investigative powers.

The statement stressed that leaking such videos on social media is an act which infringes the reputation and dignity of others. They also reminded that it was a criminal offense.

“It is believed that such acts create obstructions in ensuring justice, create disagreements amongst families and the society and created enmity. It may also lead to families breaking apart,” the statement read.

Underscoring that leaking such videos on social media may result in children being witness to them – HRCM said that this deprives them of their rights to grow up in safety.

Many have accused police of negligence in investigating the leak of explicit videos.

Police, in a press conference held in June, stated that they have identified some suspects leaking such videos – adding that investigation against them were still underway.