Fuad: Saddened over having to dissolve MLSPD

Elections Commission's President Fuad Thaufeeq. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Expressing concern over being subject to make the decision to dissolve a political party - Elections Commission’s (EC) President Fuad Thaufeeq has stated that he is very saddened today, to have had to take the decision to dissolve Maldives Labor and Social Democratic Party (MLSDP).

EC, on Thursday, announced their decision to dissolve MLSPD following the party’s failure to secure 3,000 members within the timeframe granted – also instructing against carrying out any political activities under MLSPD’s name.

In light of the state of public health emergency announced due to the COVID-19 pandemic – EC had refrained from sending notice of political parties failing to meet the 3,000-member requirement stipulated by law. However, with the status being lifted, EC had sent notice to four political parties – giving them until June 14 to secure the required number of members.

Speaking to Sun regarding sending dissolution notice to MLPSD – Fuad said that being compelled to take the decision to dissolve a political party was extremely concerning. However, he said that as laws must be adhered to, it is impossible refrain from making such decisions. He also underscored that it was not a power vested with EC.

Fuad said that following the decision to dissolve MLSPD – EC had met with the party’s leadership today, giving them the notice of dissolution apart from answering their questions.

“Did very thoroughly check the party’s forms as well. But, it is not within our power to keep the party from getting dissolved,” he had said.

Permit to form MLSPD was requested in 2018 – with prominent lawyer Abdulla Haseen spearheading the efforts.

MPLSP has previously stated that are a responsible party which advocated the rights of laborers.