Man, who bit off woman’s finger jailed pending trial’s end

Ali Hassan, 35, G. Cherry House, Male’ City.

The man who was arrested from GA. Vilingili last May for forcing himself into a private residence and threatening and biting off the finger of a woman has been jailed pending the outcome of his trial.

Ali Hassan, 35, G. Cherry House, Male’ City, was arrested on May 3.

He has been pressed with five charges, and faces a prison sentence of over two years if convicted.

The charges against him are:

  • One count of trespassing
  • One count of unlawful contact
  • Three counts of causing bodily harm

Ali Hussain had caused injuries to multiple members of a family when he forced himself into their home.

A resident from Villingili who spoke to Sun said that Ali Hassan was previously married to one of the women from the family.

The source said he bit off a finger of his ex-wife’s sister during the incident, and fractured two of his ex-wife’s mother’s fingers,  and but the hand of another woman.

He was also accused of hitting a councilor who was residing at the house in the face, and proceeding to severely beat him up after he fell down from the initial blow.