Dr. Niyaf's “Thuhthu Dharifulhu” - a handbook for new parents

STO's Managing Director Hussain Amr Mohamed Rashad (C) and Dr. Abdulla Niyaf (L) at the launch of "Thuhthu Dharifulhu" on June 9, 2022. (Photo/STO)

“Thuhthu Dharifulhu”, a handbook for parents of newborn babies written by renowned local pediatrician Dr. Abdulla Niyaf, launched on Thursday. 

The book was launched by State Trading Organization (STO)’s Managing Director Hussain Amr Mohamed Rashad on Thursday afternoon. 

STO said the book was curated for new parents. 

“The book highlights on the first 100 days of newborns with medically sound information thus, provide guidance to the new parents,” said STO. 

"Thuhthu Dharifulhu", a handbook for new parents, launched on June 9, 2022. (Photo/STO)

The book has been included in the newborn pack gifted by STO to every baby born in Maldives. 

Niyaf said “Thuhthu Dharifulhu” was a handbook for parents; covering common events, issues, remedies, when to seek help and more such vital information related to newborn babies. 

He thanked STO for including the book in their newborn pack.