Parliament vote to dismiss Judge Abdulla Hameed

High Court Judge Abdulla Hameed. (Photo/High Court)

The Parliament on Monday made the decision to dismiss Hight Court Judge Abdulla Hameed.

During the session, debates were held on the report submitted by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for about two hours, prior to the voting.

According to the votes, 58 members voted to dismiss Judge Hameed, while seven voted against it.

In addition to Judge Hameed, Judge Abdulla Rauf is also involved in the case. However, he resigned from the post after JSC forwarded their case to the Parliament.

Meanwhile, the third judge involved, Judge Ali Sameer signed even before the case was even prior to the case being sent to Parliament.

As per JSC, the dismissal of Judges Abdulla Hameed and Abdul Rauf Ibrahim was in connection to their violation of Article 152 of the Constitution by directly accepting flats granted as an allowance from the government, without any involvement of the Parliament. The commission noted that this was a violation of the constitution, and against the code of conduct for judges.

JSC commenced its investigation into this case in January 2022.