Former justice Ali Hameed finishes serving his sentence

Former Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Former Supreme Court justice Ali Hameed – who was arrested in connection to the controversial 2018 court warrant - has completed serving his sentence and regained his freedom.

The Supreme Court had issued the warrant which called for the immediate release of political prisoners on February 1, 2018. The court warrant led to the former administration invoking a state of emergency in Maldives, military officers storming the court to arrest justices, and suspension of several civic rights.

Ali Hameed had been charged with two offenses; obstruction of justice for refusing to surrender his phone to police officers, and influence peddling in connection to the allegation he influenced several lower court judges.

He was found guilty of obstruction of justice and sentenced to one year, seven months and six days in prison on June 13, 2018 – which was overturned upon appeal at the High Court on December 5, 2018.

He had served his sentence for influence peddling under house arrest.

A Maldives Correctional Service spokesperson told Sun this Monday that Ali Hameed finished serving his sentence in mid-September.

The 2018 court warrant had also led to the arrest of former Maldivian leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and then-chief justice Abdulla Saeed. The High Court overturned the sentence against Maumoon, but Abdulla Saeed – who was also found guilty of influence peddling – remains serving his sentence.