Health Minister: Preparations for cancer hospital ongoing

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem at the Parliament on September 15, 2021. (Photo/People's Majlis)


Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem on Wednesday stated that preparations were ongoing to commence work on the cancer hospital to be developed in L. Gan.

In addition to this, the Parliamentarian for Gan constituency Mohamed Wisam questioned the Minister regarding the progress of the hospital.

Responding to the inquiries, the minister revealed that the government has received and commented on the hospital’s feasibility study.

The President stated in November 2021, that the physical work on the cancer hospital and the tertiary hospital in L.Gan will commence this year.

The project will be funded under India's Exim Bank's USD 800 million line of credit. Similar to other projects funded this way, the loan needs to paid within 20 years, with an interest rate of 1.75. Notably, a five year grace period is granted before the government needs to start paying back the funds. 

The Health Minister was summoned to the Parliament to question the alleged corruption within Aasandha.