Man injured in violent altercation at Addu brought to Male’ for further treatment

Aerial photo of Addu City. (Photo/Facebook)

An individual who was seriously injured in a violent altercation at Addu City has been brought to Male’ City for further treatment.

Police said that the violent altercation took place near Addu City Hithadhoo Port on Sunday night, around 8:30pm.

They detailed that a 30-year-old man was beaten up during the altercation following which he had sustained serious injuries.

Police said that the man has been sent to Male’ City for further treatment – after being discharged from Addu Hospital.

The extent of the injuries sustained by the man was not disclosed by the Police nor was the healthcare facility he is being treated in Male’ City. Therefore, Sun has been unable to obtain any more details regarding the case.

However, Police have confirmed that no arrests have been made in the case yet. They added that they were probing the case further.