Ransomware attack on STELCO reported to police

State Electric Company (STELCO) headquarters in Male' City.

State Electric Company (STELCO) states it has reported the ransomware attack on the company to the police. 

The state utility company was hit with a ransomware attack last Thursday, leading to interruption of services provided via its website, mobile phone application, and mobile outlets and service counters. 

STELCO, in a statement on Wednesday afternoon, apologized to customers for the inconvenience. 

STELCO said that while the company has yet to fully recover from the attack, it has resumed application and bill payment services offered from its head office. 

“The company is working to resolve all the issues caused by this attack, and restoring all services which have been interrupted,” said the company. 

STELCO said it is working with relevant state institutions to resolve the issues as soon as possible. 

“This company is taking necessary measures to ensure this does not happen again,” said the company.