Komandoo Health Center receives paint from STO, TV and AC systems from Fenaka

STO donates paint to Sh. Komandoo Health Center on February 2, 2022. (Photo/Komandoo Health Center)

State Trading Organization (STO) has donated paint to the Sh. Komandoo Health Center under CSR. 

Komandoo Health Center’s Senior Administrator Abdulla Mufeed told Sun on Thursday evening that the donation was presented to the center on Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, Fenaka Corporation also donated four AC systems and a TV last week. 

Mufeed said the people will derive great benefit from the donations by both companies.  

“We want to start new services. We want to AC the inpatient ward. With this donation, we will be able to get this done,” he said. 

Mufeed said the TV will be used to display important notices. 

“The current administration has made transformative changes to the healthcare system. Though we previously used a van as an ambulance, we received a paramedic ambulance after the current administration came to power,” he said.