President Solih inaugurates new powerhouse in Foakaidhoo

A capture from the inauguration ceremony of the new powerhouse developed at Sh. Foakaidhoo held on February 3, 2022. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) inaugurated the new powerhouse. (Photo/Fenaka Corporation)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has inaugurated the newly developed powerhouse at Sh. Foakaidhoo.

During his ongoing campaign trip to Komandoo constituency – President Solih, on Thursday night, visited Foakaidhoo, and shut down the old powerhouse which was used in the island for over 26 years.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the new powerhouse – President Solih noted that ensuring essential services to all citizens is one of his electoral pledges. On this note, he added that the work carried out by Fenaka Corporation to develop the new powerhouse is part of the efforts in fulfilling that pledge.

“At all islands in need of electricity, the residents at all islands would be provided easy access to electricity,” he had said.

Fenaka’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed told Sun that the newly inaugurated powerhouse was developed up to modern standards.

In this regard, Saeed stressed that the new powerhouse will have the capability to provide the most up to date services 40 years into its establishment as well. He also added that Foakaidhoo’s electricity view has been switched to an HV network.

“The island will now have installed a capacity of 1.2 megawatts. The powerhouse was designed with the possibility that the capacity might need to be increased in the future in mind,” he detailed.

Fenaka has stated that completing the development of all powerhouses across the country that are not up to modern standards by the end of this year is a goal of the government. Whilst work on 39 powerhouses has been completed by the company so far, Fenaka stressed that work on over 30 additional powerhouses can be completed by the end of this year.