Police find no evidence Dhaandhoo councilman leaked info on drug bust

GA. Dhaandhoo Council’s president Mohamed Asif (R) with former Prosecutor General Muhthaz Muhsin (L).

Police have decided against seeking criminal charges against GA. Dhaandhoo Council’s president Mohamed Asif who was investigated for leaking information regarding a counter-narcotics operation run by the police in Dhaandhoo. 

Asif was investigated for leaking a state secret in the case. 

However, the summery report on the case shows the case has now been filed due to lack of evidence to seek charges. 

Police had confiscated the mobile phones of Asif and three additional suspects in the case back in September. The phones were released a month later. 

Asif continues to deny the allegation, claiming he had no prior knowledge of the drug operation, and therefore could not have leaked the information.