In a first, court declares parentage of two children born to a Maldivian in a conflict zone

File photo of two men entering the Family Court. (File Photo)

In a first in the country, Family Court has declared the parentage of two children born in a conflict zone outside of Maldives, to a Maldivian.

Regulation on the birth registration of children born to Maldivians in conflict zones was published in the Government Gazette yesterday – subsequently coming into force.

Family Court made a ruling on a claim submitted by a local woman to declare the parentage of her two children born at conflict zone in Syria, today.

Speaking to Sun regarding the case, Family Court’s Registrar Ahmed Nasheed said that the court had ruled in favor of a Maldivian woman in a case submitted to legally establish that she is the mother of two children birthed at a conflict zone.

He detailed the Court ruled that she was the mother of the two children based on DNA findings in addition to the testimony of the analyst who formulated the DNA report and other evidence.

The Regulation publicized yesterday dictates that children born to Maldivians living in conflict zones must be registered in Maldives. However, it requires for a court of law to rule the children were born to a Maldivian. 

Application for birth certificate must be filed within four days the court issues its ruling. The procedure is the same as the birth certificate application process for children born in Maldives, except for the need to submit the court ruling.