Child Sex Offenders Registry updated by Gender Ministry

Compute display shows Maldivian Child Sex Offender Registry publicized by Gender Ministry.

Gender Ministry has publicized an updated version of the Child Sex Offenders Registry.

After days with no update, the Registry was updated on Thursday.

As of Thursday, a total of 182 individuals are named in the Registry – that include seven Bangladeshi nationals as well.

The Registry also consists of middle-aged individuals and elderly persons who are above the age of 80. website which was created for the purpose of publicizing the Child Sex Offenders Registry was not updated at all during last year .

Although the website is currently under maintenance – the Registry can be viewed at a PDF link included in the website.

Article 57 of Law of Special Provisions Act to Deal with Child Sex Abuse Offenders mandates state agency responsible for the protection of children to publish and make available to the public – information of offenders pursuant to the law.

In this regard, complete information about the offenders should be published in an internet website providing easy access to the information, and a mechanism should be established to identify offenders by their national identification numbers via SMS.