215kg drug bust: Suspects jailed pending outcome of trial

Combined photos of (from L-R) Nimal Abdul Haris, 33; and Ali Shakir, 42. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Criminal Court has ordered for the two suspects arrested in a counter-narcotics operation in October which saw the seizure of 215 kilograms of drugs to be jailed pending the outcome of their trial.

The counter-drug trafficking operation - conducted by the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Drug Intelligence, Marine Police, Forensics Department, and R. Atoll Police – began on October 13 and ended on October 15 with the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of 215 kilograms of heroin. 

Police searched multiple uninhabited islands and a speedboat in the operation. The drugs were found hidden in an uninhabited island located in R. Atoll.  

The two suspects arrested in the case are:

  • Ali Shakir, 42, Finifaru, R. Maduvvari
  • Nimal Abdul Haris, 33, Fehiali, R. Maduvvari

They were initially presented for their remand hearing before the Maduvvari Magistrate Court – which ordered for them to be remanded in custody of police for 15 days. They were later transported to Male’ City and presented before the Criminal Court – which ordered for them to be remanded in custody of the police pending the outcome of their trial.

They are currently being held in a custodial jail and will be transferred to a remand jail once the police finish their investigation.

The court ordered for them to jail pending the outcome of trial, citing sufficient evidence against them.

According to reliable sources, Shakir and Nimal reside in Maduvvari and are close friends. Shakir is known for running multiple businesses on the island.

The 215-kilogram drug bust marked the second big drug bust by DED in October, with the seizure of 100 kilograms of heroin from an uninhabited island in ADh. Atoll on October 13. Police arrested 10 suspects in connection to the case – half of whom have been released by the court.