Maldives Police Service removed from Home Ministry’s oversight

Home Minister Abdulla Imran captured next to Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A letter sent addressed to Home Minister Imran Abdulla signed by the President’s Office’s Chief of Staff Ali Zahir stating that Maldives Police Service has been removed Home Ministry’s oversight – has been leaked.

The leaked letter was dated October 14.

The letter read that the existing arrangement where the operations of Maldives Police Service is overseen by the Home Ministry has now ended – citing that the newly enacted Police Service Act does not stipulate that the operations of the institution have to be overseen by a Ministry.

In this regard, the letter further read that the arrangement was ended on the day that the Police Service Act came to effect – being March 27.

Additionally, it was noted in the letter that the responsibilities of the Ministry following the conclusion of the arrangement will be informed to them via a written document. The letter also instructed the Ministry to continue the oversight of other institutions assigned to them.

The government has yet to make an official comment regarding the letter.