Hangnameedhoo confirms random COVID-19 case

ADh. Hangnameedhoo. (Photo/Islandy)

A random sample taken in ADh. Hangnameedhoo has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Hangnameedhoo’s community health officer Ahmed Tholhath told Sun that a traveler who arrived from Male’ with a negative PCR test on August 8 has tested positive for COVID-19. 

“The individual travelled from Male’ on August 8 with a negative PCR test. The individual showed mild symptoms and was tested by the regional hospital on August 12. We received the results last night,” he said. 

Tholhath said the new cases increase active cases in Hangnameedhoo to four. He also noted that it marks the first random case in the island. 

“It marks total four positives, along with the quarantine positives. We haven't seen a random case before. Only some people in quarantine tested positive,” he said. 

Tholhath said Health Protection Agency (HPA) has been informed of the case, and that contact tracing is in progress. 

“Contact tracing is in progress. Contact tracing isn’t complete yet. A decision regarding placing the island under monitoring will be made after that,” he said. 

99 percent of the eligible population in Hangnameedhoo have completed COVID-19 vaccination.