School requests foreign teacher to be sent back for supporting Israel

HDh. Hanimaadhoo School staff expressing their support for Palestine. (Photo/Hanimaadhoo School)

A foreign school teacher working in HDh. Hanimaadho who expressed support for the actions of the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians is to be sent back to their home nation.

The individual who worked as a Leading Teacher of the Hanimaadhoo School reportedly wrote on Facebook expressing support for Israel. The teacher is from India. 

The Hanimaadhoo School took action against the teacher and issued a statement that read that derogatory conduct had been observed on social media from the teacher named Ebenaz Sukmaran who worked as a session-in-charge and SMT member of the School. 

The statement condemned the actions of the teacher which was observed no less than 24 hours after the School conducted activities on the 52nd anniversary of the School where the stand of the School in the matter had been displayed. Also, the actions of the teacher had gone against the stand taken by the School, the residents of Hanimaadhoo as well as the Maldivian government.

Hanimaadhoo School Principal Abdul Muhsin Abdul Latheef, speaking with Sun said that the School management had taken action against the teacher. 

This includes restricting access to the School facilities such as the staff room and informing the teacher of the decision. He added that the School was working with the Education Ministry to send the teacher back home to India. 

"The individual will be sent to Male' sometime tonight or tomorrow. After the required paperwork is finished from Male', the teacher will be sent back to India," said Abdul Latheef. 

Abdul Latheef also said that the teacher had told him that the post was published without thinking that it could have such a huge outcome. He added that the teacher had agreed to return to India. 

The Maldivian stand on the Israeli-Palestine conflict has been made crystal clear by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and even Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid.

The Maldives has issued several statements strongly condemning Israeli actions against Palestinian civilians and the Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has reiterated the Maldivian stand while addressing the United Nations as well. 

In addition to this, there is an existing ban on Israeli products and imports into the Maldives.

Apart from this, overwhelming support has been observed from the Maldivian public and even on social media towards Palestine and the citizens of Palestine.