Police: Ali Manik was plotting to carry out a terror attack

Abdulla Ali Manik, 49, Bahaaruge, HA. Molhadhoo.

Police told the court on Wednesday that Abdulla Ali Manik, who they believe to be a top propagator of extremist ideologies in Maldives, is suspected of conspiring to carry out a terror attack which could endanger the community.

Abdulla Ali Manik, 49, Bahaaruge, HA. Molhadhoo was arrested from his residence in Male’ City on Tuesday night. He was remanded to the custody of the police for 15 days by the Criminal Court on Wednesday.

When presented before the court for his remanded hearing, Abdulla Ali Manik denied the allegations against him. However, the court found the evidence submitted by the police sufficient for remand.

The police requested his remand based of seven grounds, including the suspicion he was conspiring to carry out a dangerous terror attack.

The reasons police presented for his remand:

  • Intelligence reports he is one of the key propagators of extremist ideologies in the name of religion
  • Intelligence reports he holds separate communal prayers, holds classes to promote and encourage extremist religious ideologies, and is working to create religious dissent
  • Suspicion that many are involved in executing the crime he is suspected of
  • Suspicious he is conspiring to carry out a terror attack which could threaten national security
  • The suspected crime is linked with the safety and security of the community
  • The suspected crime could result in significant damages to the community

When presented with the opportunity to make a statement in defense, Abdulla Ali Manik denied the allegations. He also said that he was arrested and his residence searched in presence of his children, leaving them traumatized.

However, the police said they did not violate his dignity during his arrest or the search of his residence. And that he wasn’t handcuffed when they searched his residence.

Abdulla Ali Manik was imprisoned in connection to the violence in HA. Himandhoo back in 2007. He was found guilty of involvement with a group of separatists who propagated extremist religious ideologies in Himandhoo, and faced off with the security forces armed with wooden bats, sharpened metal rods and machetes.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in connection to the Himandhoo violence in 2008. He escaped from prison twice during that time.

His first prison escape was in 2009. He was later found living in GDh. Thinadhoo, and during his transfer to Male’ City, made another escape attempt by jumping overboard, off the coast of V. Fulidhoo.

His second prison escape was in 2010. He was found a year later living in K. Thilafushi. Police reported at the time that he had been heavily disguised.

He walked free after completing his prison term.