Fisheries Minister Zaha sent notice to respond to no-confidence motion

Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources, and Agriculture Zaha Waheed at the Parliament. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed has been sent two weeks’ notice to respond to the no-confidence motion submitted against her to the Parliament by opposition parliamentarians.

The no-confidence motion against Zaha was submitted to the Parliament with the signatures of 10 parliamentarians on Wednesday, alleging failure to deliver pledges made to fishermen.

Parliament’s Media Director Hassan Ziyau confirms Zaha was sent two weeks’ notice to respond to the motion this Thursday.

Article 207 (b) of Parliament’s regulations require for a Cabinet minister against whom a no-confidence motion has been submitted to be sent 14 days’ notice before the Parliament begins its debate regarding the motion. The minister in question must be given the right to respond to the motion in speech or writing during the debate.

The passage of a no-confidence motion against a Cabinet minister will require a majority vote, meaning votes from at least 43 parliamentarians.

The motion against her reads that the Zaha has failed to work satisfactory to deliver numerous pledges made by the current administration to fishermen, including the pledge to ensure fishermen a fair rate for their catch, provide them ice, and ensure they receive USD.

Zaha was appointed Fisheries Minister on a slot to government coalition partner MRM. MRM has issued a statement defending Zaha, and alleging the motion to be a move against women empowerment.

She was previously summoned by the Parliament for questioning following failure to establish many of the regulations required under the new Fisheries Act.