Raysut Maldives Cement launches OPC 42.5N, SRC

Raysut Maldives' cement terminal in K. Thilafushi. (Photo/Raysut Maldives)

Demand for building materials has been climbing back to original levels and is expected to continue to increase as many of the projects halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic are revived.

In preparation of this rise in demand, Raysut Maldives Cement has launched two new products to the Maldivian market; the OPC 42.5N cement and the SRC (Sulphate Resistant Cement).

Joey Ghose, Group CEO, Raysut Cement Company. (Photo/Raysut Maldives)

The OPC 42.5N targets smaller and medium projects. According to Raysut Maldives, the OPC 42.5N conforms with BS-EN 197-1: 2011 standard with 28 days mortar strength values between 47-51 Mpa – a comparatively higher specification than standard.

OPC 42.5N is now available freshly packed in 50 kg and 1,000 kg bags from Raysut Maldives’ Thilafushi cement terminal.

The second new product launched by Raysut Maldives, the SRC is used worldwide for structures near water and salty ground as the concrete with SRC has low heat of hydration. The product is ideal for use in projects which involve the construction of structures close to water such as jetties, water bungalows, sewage treatment plants, desalination plants, and harbors.

The launch of SRC by Raysut Maldives provides contactors with access to the product at a cheaper rate than if they were to import it in bulk quantities.

Meanwhile, the company will also continue to supply its flagship product OPC 42.5R – a rapid setting cement.

State Trading Organization (STO)’s revolutionary Power Mix is exclusively using the Maldives Cement OPC 42.5R for concreting as it ensures less cement per cubic meter to get the desired strength. As a rapid setting cement, OPC 42.5R also allows brickmakers and pre-casters to remove the blocks from the mold earlier due to early strength reducing the time to remold the cast.

Raysut Cement.

All three cement products carried by Raysut Maldives are available for retail and wholesale.

Raysut Maldives is a joint venture between Raysut Cement Company of Oman and STO.

The company has announced plans to increase the capacity of its Thilafushi cement terminal by over 100 percent, which will increase its capacity for production of cement from 75,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes per annum.