Verdict in murder case against mother on Dec. 28

Afiya Mohamed Manik (R) pictured with her son, Mohamed Ibthihaal.

A verdict in the murder case against Afiya Mohamed Manik, the mother of Mohamed Ibthihaal, a three-year-old child who was found dead, is to be issued on December 28. 

Afiya, from V. Rakeedhoo, is alleged to have murdered Ibthihaal in early 2015, after inflicting a number of injuries to the child. She is charged with the murder of a minor and disobedience by the prosecutors. 

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, a verdict in Afiya’s case must be issued within 30 days of concluding hearings. The hearings of the case were, however, concluded on February 26 and the court had moved towards a verdict in the case in March which was later delayed.

A verdict in the case was once again to be issued in November but delayed after Afiya said that she wished to respond to the case with the assistance of a lawyer. Afiya had initially said that she did not wish for a lawyer, leading to the absence of the defense attorney to the hearings. She was then granted ten days by the court to analyze the case. 

The hearings in the case were finally concluded today after summary hearings. Judge Mohamed Sameer announced that a verdict in the case will be issued on December 28. 

The state alleges that Afiya asphyxiated Ibthihaal to murder the child. She is also alleged to have harmed the child and also neglecting Ibthihaal and discriminating against him with her other children. 

Afiya had even admitted to the murder of Ibthihaal after she was presented to the Magistrate Court of V. Rakeedhoo. She was brought to the court regarding her detention period. Afiya had also pleaded guilty to the crime in the Criminal Court and during police investigations. However, she later changed her story in court and denied the crime, and even stated that she had not harmed Ibthihaal. She said that witnesses had lied about the entire ordeal and that doctor’s reports were full of contradictions.