Gemanafushi chief magistrate to be reprimanded over ‘careless oversight’

G. A. Gemanafushi. (Sun Photo/Masha Naeem)

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has made the decision to reprimand G. A. Gemanafushi Court’s chief magistrate Ibrahim Muneer, and to have him complete a mandatory training program.

Muneer was investigated by JSC for misconduct, for signing case summery report which wrongly declares someone else as the rightful owner of a property in Gemanafushi, and not the person declared as the rightful owner by the court.

JSC announced in a statement on Wednesday that while the commission found it to be an error rather than deliberate, it also found Muneer to have been careless for overlooking the clear error and signing the report.

JSC said it violates Article 32 (a) (v) of Judges Act, as well as Article 2.4, Article 3.1, Article 6.4, and Article 6.5 of the Code of Conduct of Judges.

The commission made its decision regarding the case during a meeting on October 14, deciding to reprimand Muneer and have him complete a training program determined by JSC.