Gemenafushi also moves to restrict visitors

G. A Gemanafushi zero point.

G.A. Gemanafushi has also moved to restrict visitors to the island, following suit with A.A Thoddoo which also placed similar restrictions.

The move comes due to the confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease in the country.

A statement by the Gemanafushi council on Monday read that an island committee formed to implement strict steps to combat the disease in case, named as “Covid-19 Rashu Committee” decided to do so as the dangers of the disease on the country became apparent.

To ensure the safety of the citizens of the island, the committee has decided to restrict the arrival of tourists to the island. The committee also decided that a resident of the island abroad should inform the authorities before arriving back on the island, especially residents who work in resorts. It is requested for these residents to contact the island committee hotline and follow the advice of authorities.

G.A atoll has a total of six resorts.