Policy to execute orders by health professionals formed

The Justice Building located in the capital Male'. The building is home to the Civil Court of Maldives. (Sun File Photo/Ihthishaam Mohamed)

A policy to implement notices by health professionals to people infected with contagious diseases has been formulated to protect the general health of the country.

Under the Act regarding public health, authorities can request the infected people or suspected cases to do something or refrain from certain activities. The law also states that a civil court order to execute these orders can be requested if the subject does not comply.

Under the policy formed today, a judge can rule on the case without notifying the subject. A complaint can be submitted by a written document or via an e-mail and can be registered at the court without a fee.

The new policy comes amid the spread of the Covid-19 disease across the globe. Eight cases have been so far confirmed in the Maldives.