Free medical checkups rolled out for people above 19

Aasandha office.

Aasandha Company has rolled out free bi-annual medical checkups via Aasandha scheme for people between the ages of 19 and 39 on Wednesday.

Facilitating free bi-annual medical check-ups for every individual through Aasandha, is an electoral pledge of President Muizzu, and one of his administration's first 14-week goals. 

While free medical checkups are presently available for various age groups, Aasandha, on Wednesday, said people between the ages of 19 and 39 can obtain free medical checkups via government hospitals.

Free medical checkups were first rolled out to people aged 50 and above in January.

The scheme was later expanded to people aged 35 and above in April, alongside the introduction of special school screenings, for children aged 18 and below, for the grades sanctioned by the Education Ministry.

While services provided under Aasandha have been expanded, there have been concerns regarding the increased expenditure on Aasandha as the Maldives battles an economic decline.