Youths concerned over Gemanafushi futsal ground

An aerial shot of G.A Gemanafushi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shafeeu)

The Council and youth of G.A Gemanafushi have expressed concern for prolonged time spent to repair the futsal ground constructed on the island by the previous administration.

The large youth population of the island of often at the wheel of activities and projects to develop the island, and the current biggest headache for them is the futsal ground that has suffered declining damage over the short period of time since it was constructed.

Council President Ahmed Shiyan said that the ground was rushed by the previous administration as the Presidential elections neared. Shiyan said that the ground often caused people to slip and fall when playing since the turf did not contain enough rubber. He also added that the drainage system was slightly above ground level at around two inches. This meant that if it rained, the water is drained only when it reaches the height of the system, and the water often carries away the rubber particles of the turf.

The low quality of the fence erected around the ground also meant that a large junk of the fence had disintegrated. This was also the case with the nets of the goals at the ground, according to Shiyan.

“They did not listen to us and politicized the whole thing. We begged back then that we can only play here for two months and that the repairs would be expensive. Now, the condition is so bad that the ground has to be reconstructed.” said Ali Hannaan Yoosuf, a resident of Gemanafushi.

Photo shows the Gemenafushi futsal ground. Youths of the island expressed concerned over the condition and prolonged time taing to repair futsal ground. (Sun Photo/Maasha Naeem)

The youth of the island are also in dismay over the fact that there isn’t a youth center on the island and recalled the pledge made by Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof to build a center.

Shiyan said the youth of the island do not have much to do and had to dawdle around the island. He also said that balls and nets were also procured from private sources for sports such as Volleyball before stressing the importance of building a youth center.

Youth Ministry media officer Saaif Shiyaadh stated that the Ministry had not yet opened the project for the repair of the futsal ground in Gemanafushi after being requested and confirmed that the Minister had pledged to construct a youth center in Gemanafushi.