Minister: Unsigned infrastructure projects will not be commenced

Ministry National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam.

Ministry National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam has said that infrastructure projects included in this year’s budget but not yet signed cannot be commenced.

The Minister was questioned about the projects while speaking in today’s parliamentary session.

“Right now, we cannot commence those projects which the contract is not yet signed for this year. Without allocation from the budget or a financial arrangement, it cannot be commenced.” Said the Minister. 

The government has previously said that future PSIP projects planned for the year, will not be commenced due to a reduction in sources of income in light of COVID-19.

A PSIP budget of MVR 10.45 billion is allocated for infrastructure projects from the MVR 37.8 billion budget passed for this year. 

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer said that the government was reducing expenses due to the lack of income.