100 housing units to be built in L.Gan

From the ceremony held at the Housing Ministry to sign the agreement to build 100 housing units in L.Gan with SJ Construction Pvt Ltd. (Photo / Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Urban Development)

Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure on Monday signed the agreement to build 100 housing units in L.Gan with  SJ Construction Pvt Ltd.

During the ceremony held at the ministry, the Director-General of the Ministry's Housing Department Ahmed Wishan Naseem and the Director of SJ Construction Shihad Ibrahim signed the agreements.

According to the ministry, under the agreement, the housing units are to be completed within a year, and cost MVR 84. 4 million. The project will be funded with the government’s PSIP budget for this year.

The units built in this project will measure 1000 square feet. Each unit will have three rooms, three toilets, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, laundry and a storeroom.

Moreover, in order to create an appealing environment for those living in the units, the surrounding area will be lit, and a park and vehicle parking area will also be built as part of the project.