Inadequate space in Giraavaru for 1,347 plots, rest from Gulhifalhu

Giraavaru Falhu. (Photo/Housing Ministry)

Due to inadequate land space in Giraavarufalhu to issue plots under the social housing scheme launched during former government, the current administration has decided to provide remaining plots from Gulhifalhu.

Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development said the previous administration annouced land issuance under the Binveriya Scheme without factoring in lands to establish utility and other basic services.

The ministry said that once the structures for basic facilities in Giraavaru were included in its land use plan, the island lacks sufficient area for the plots announced under the social housing scheme.

As per the ministry, 1,347 plots included for issuance in Giraavaru will be shifted to Gulhifalhu. The details of said plots are;

  • 193 plots - 1,250 square feet
  • 663 plots - 1,650 square feet
  • 487 plots - 2,050 square feet
  • 4 plots - 2,450 square feet

The ministry further announced that the recipients who originally received the plots of aforementioned sizes from Giraavaru can change their plots to Gulhifalhu via the Hiyaavahi Portal from Sunday at 09:00 onward until 23:00 on April 14th.

If the number of applicants requesting to change their plots exceed the total plots allocated by the ministry for Gulhifalhu, the applicants would be chosen through a draw.

While the ministry said it would announce the date of such a draw, if required, on a later date and added that the Gulhifalhu land use plan has been uploaded to both the Hiyaavahu portal and the ministry's website.

Under the Binveriya Social Housing Scheme, the previous government decided to award 9,003 plots to a total of 18,955 eligible recipients from the first phase. Lands from Gulhifalhu, Giraavaru, and Hulhumale' would be issued under the scheme.