Omadhoo patient's second test negative for COVID-19

A. Dh. Omadhoo. (Photo/Huraa

The Council of A. Dh. Omadhoo has said that an individual transported to Male’ City for medical care that tested positive for COVID-19, has tested negative for the virus from a second test.

The individual transported to Male’ City has respiratory complications and was transported due to the deterioration of her condition.

The individual was initially transported to the hospital in Mahibadhoo which referred her to IGMH. The patient did not spend much time in Mahibadhoo before being transported to Male’ City via sea ambulance.

The individual does not have a travel history and is aged 50. A second sample was collected due to the lack of travel history. Omadhoo Council said that since the individual’s second sample tested negative, HPA had classified the individual as a non-COVID-19 patient. 

Precautionary measures taken in light of the case on the island have also been lifted subsequently.