Man charged for murder of Bangladeshi worker in Guraidhoo

Photo shows the location where a migrant worker was found dead in Th. Guraidhoo on May 21, 2020. (Photo/Mv Crisis)

The Prosecutor General’s Office has filed a murder charge against a man accused of fatally stabbing a Bangladeshi worker in Th. Guraidhoo earlier this year.

Babul Miah, 22, a Bangladeshi worker in Guraidhoo, is accused of fatally stabbing fellow Bangladeshi worker Shah Alam, who worked as a farmhand in Guraidhoo, following a dispute between the two, at approximately 12:45 am on May 21.

Shah was found dead with stab wounds to his neck and stomach in a site opposite to the labor quarter where he had resided in, at approximately 01:00 am.

Public Prosecutor Ahmed Shafeeu said on Tuesday that the Prosecutor General’s Office has filed the charge of “deliberate killing of a person using a sharp-edged weapon” under Article 5 of the Act on Prohibition of Intimidation and Possession of Dangerous Weapons and Sharp Instruments against Babul, at the Criminal Court.

The charge carries the death penalty.

Babul had been arrested a short while later after Shah’s body was discovered, when the police searched the labor quarters located in Guraidhoo. He had a wound on his head when he was found.