President: Hope is to shape a state that supports victims of violence

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (File Photo/President's Office)

Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Wednesday that he hopes to shape the community and the state to a system that encourages victims of domestic violence to report the crimes against them and receive justice.

He made the remark at the launch of ‘Geveshi Gulhun’, a three-month-long nationwide awareness campaign on domestic violence prevention, on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking at the event, President Solih said victims of domestic violence and sexual violence must not be subjected to re-victimization.

“They must not be re-victimized. And we must show, through both word and action, that we remain steadfast in our efforts to give them justice,” he said.

President Solih said that domestic violence and sexual violence are among many of the issues facing women in the Maldivian community, and that the solution to solving all issues facing women is to empower them.

“I acknowledge that the government, the parliament and the judiciary has much work to do eliminate domestic violence and other challenges to building proud families,” he said.

He hailed the efforts of non-governmental organizations and civil groups in bringing such issues to the attention of the government and the community at large.

He also said that he drew courage from the efforts of young men and women to prevent domestic violence and sexual harassment.

President Solih called on the community to share information regarding such crimes with the authorities.