Japan provides further financial aid for Maldives's fight against virus

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid is pictured with Ambassador from Japan to the Maldives Ms. Keiko Yanai. (Photo/Foreign Ministry)

Japan has provided a further MVR 86.4 million (600 million Japanese Yen) to the Maldives for the purchase of medical equipment under an agreement signed today.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Maldives by Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid. Ambassador from Japan to the Maldives Ms. Keiko Yanai signed the agreement on behalf of the Japanese government.

The Foreign Ministry said with the funds provided under the agreement, 10 bedside x-ray machines, 65 bedside monitors, 19 portable ultra-sound image systems, and 200 automated external defibrillators are to be obtained. The equipment will be used to increase the standard and quality of health centers and hospitals in different islands of the country, said the Ministry.

Minister Shahid thanked the generous aid of the Japanese government in the Maldivian efforts to combat against COVID-19. Ambassador Yanai stressed on the importance of international cooperation in the fight against the virus and said that Japan will always remain cooperative.

Last month, Japan provided the Maldives with MVR 5.6 million through UNICEF and MVR 2.9 million through the Maldivian Red Crescent. Japan also provided the Maldives with MVR 21.5 million to over the economic impact of COVID-19 on the economy.