Commissioner calls for transparency, disclosure of information

Information Commissioner Hussain Fiyaaz Moosa is photographed speaking at a working session held in the President’s Office on March 3, 2020. (Photo/Information Commissioner's Office)

The office of the Information Commissioner has called on state institutions and agencies to disclose information without delays.

The Commissioner’s office said that the disclosure of information was an important part of the essential operations of the government which is set to recommence on June 11.

The office also said that failure to disclose and publicize information has been noticed in some instances. However, the freedom of information and disclosure by state institutions were paramount a true transparent state, despite the challenges posed in light of the situation.

A lack of trust and confidence could be the result of such failures, which could stem among the public regarding decisions and expenditure of the government.

The Commissioner’s Office also said that the disclosure of information could be the most important and valuable product at the expense of senior government officials.

“It can only be when the public is allowed access to information. When queries for information are responded as quickly. It is the request for state institutions to cast extra attention for this.” Read a statement by the Information Commissioner’s Office.