Lawmaker sponsors electricity bills in virus-hit Narudhoo

A street in Sh. Narudhoo lays vacant amid an outbreak of the new coronavirus in the island on May 17, 2020. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Sh. Milandhoo MP Ali Riza has sponsored the electricity bill of all houses in Sh. Narudhoo – an island which has been quarantined by health authorities following the emergence of cases of the new coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak in Narudhoo has been traced back to the passenger boat Amaaz, which had travelled from Male’ City to Narudhoo on April 15, shortly before the capital had gone into lockdown following the identification of its first coronavirus case.

The first to test positive from Narudhoo was the captain of the boat, and later two of the boats crew members and the residents of their homes.

Total 11 people tested positive for the new coronavirus, while samples taken from 41 tested negative.

The island continues to be monitored by the health authorities.

The emergence of coronavirus cases in Narudhoo had struck the small island community, with its limited medical resources, with fear and uncertainty.

The island, in light of the negative test results of the rest of the samples, is now emerging from the shackles of fear and uncertainty.

Narudhoo has received donations from a number of well-wishers – including neighboring Funadhoo, which delivered food and other essential supplies to the island.

And Milandhoo MP Ali Riyaz, who is native to Narudhoo, sponsored the electricity bills of 87 houses in Narudhoo for the month of May.

An official from the utility company Fenaka Corporation confirmed the sponsorship to Sun.

While the health authorities have lifted restrictions from some of the islands which confirmed coronavirus cases, restrictions remain in place in Narudhoo in light of the community spread.

A woman in Narudhoo recently lost her unborn child in an intra-uterine fetal death, and the family has stated that they had failed to receive adequate medical care amid the strict restrictive measures.

Narudhoo has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country outside of its populous capital Male’ City.

Maldives has confirmed 1,591 coronavirus cases. 242 patients have since recovered, while five have died from complications.